The beauty of Yellowstone Country
Experience the heritage and history
of Yellowstone through Bob Richard's family stories and photos.

Cody to Yellowstone

Self-guided photographic tour book with 32 color pages. Book includes detailed map of sites, campgrounds, picnic areas, guest ranches, shops and points of interest along U.S. Highway 14, 16 & 20 - Cody, Wyoming to Yellowstone National Park.

$9.95 / copy
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Journey to Yellowstone, Frost & Richard Camping Co. 1906 - 1915

Experience a Journey to Yellowstone with the Frost & Richard Camping Co., 1906 - 1915.  In this photo tour book, you'll enjoy historical photos, a diary of Margaret Richard when she was a guest, and the adventures of traveling into Yellowstone National Park by horse and buggy.  $9.95 / copy + Shipping and Handling.

Memoir of a 1950's Yellowstone Horse Ranger

Enjoy a glimpse into what life was like in the late 1950's in Yellowstone National Park alongside Bob Richard, the last Yellowstone National Park's Horse Ranger and his beautiful horse, Big Red. $9.95 / copy + Shipping and Handling

Fleet Admiral Nimitz and Naval War Heroes' Historic Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park Visit 

Fleet Admiral Nimitz and several Naval war heroes took a journey to visit Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park in 1946.  Guests of Wyoming's U.S. Senator, E.V. Robertson, the journey was filled with adventures that encompassed Cheyenne Frontier Days, a  Native American Powwow, fishing in Yellowstone Lake, taking in the splendor of Old Faithful, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and a historic ranch outside of Cody, Wyoming.

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