Robert NeVille Richard boasts an unusual array of life experiences.  He has been a rancher and businessman, decorated combat aviator, non-profit executive, father of four and, as evidenced in his fifth book, a Yellowstone Horse Ranger.

His rich and satisfying background combined with the influence of parents Jack and Rhea, both newspaper publishers, editors, writers, photographers and historians, make it only logical that he would want to share his experiences with others.

Bob Richard, professional photographer, published author and historian

Born and raised on a ranch in northwestern Wyoming, he has deep roots in western soils.  He has worked on guest ranches, guiding horse and hunting trips, and has partnered in the ownership of his own cattle ranch.  For 37 years, he owned and operated Grub Steak Expeditions, personally touring thousands of visitors from around the world through Yellowstone and its ecosystem.

Educated at the Universities of Wyoming, Arizona and California (Fresno), he has been a teacher and school administrator, a decorated USMC pilot in Viet Nam, and, for 21 years, a coordinator of American Red Cross service and relief activities in the western U.S.

At age 85, he remains an active outdoorsman and wildlife photographer, a member of many service and business organizations in the Cody area and a licensed photographer, fishing guide, hiking guide, historian and transportation authority for Yellowstone National Park.

Bob Richard pointing to the historic, Bob Hayden carving in a tree, 1871, Yellowstone National Park.
Bob Richard owned and operated Grub Steak Expeditions for many years and shared his in-depth knowledge of Yellowstone National Park with many travelers. This video was done several years ago by The Cody Inn, in Cody, Wyoming. Grub Steak Expeditions has new owners but they are still carrying on the same quality Yellowstone tours to this day. Learn more about the history of Grub Steak Expeditions here.

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