Bob Richard has published several photo books on the Cody, Wyoming area and focuses on the beautiful and scenic roads, wildlife and history that surrounds Cody and takes the traveler on an adventure as they journey to Yellowstone National Park.

The Northfork Highway, Cody’s road to Yellowstone and the Chief Joseph Highway / Beartooth Pass are all considered to be some of the most scenic travel routes in the United States.  Loaded with history and scenery, these routes come alive in Bob Richard’s photographic tour books.

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Explore the beautiful scenery and wildlife with Bob Richard’s Photographic Tour books. This wolf is pictured in the Cody to Yellowstone – Beartooth Loop book.




In the book, “Cody – The Man, The Town, The Legend” you’ll learn everything about Cody, Wyoming and its history and heritage.


East Gate YNP

In “Memoir of a 1950’s Yellowstone Horse Ranger” you will experience Yellowstone National Park alongside Bob Richard, Park Ranger and his horse, Big Red, as they patrol and lend a helping hand to tourists.


In a Journey to Yellowstone, you’ll enjoy traveling during the era of horse and buggy with Frost & Richard, the guides who took thousands of people into Yellowstone National Park for the first time in the early 1900’s.


Frost & Richard Camping Co. taking their cook wagon over a snowy Sylvan Pass.

Frost & Richard Camping Co. taking their cook wagon over a snowy Sylvan Pass.




Camp at Paradise Glen in Yellowstone National Park. (From Journey to Yellowstone)